Smart Moves Swim offers the only online system specifically designed for Learn To Swim Instructor Training and Lesson Planning


Step 1: Train Teachers in Skills, Progressions and Safety

  • Hundreds of HD videos, skills, drills, progressions, songs and games.
  • Professional teaching resources for parent and child, preschool, school age, adults, safety skills and special events/holiday programs.
  • Hundreds of best practice, professional, printable lesson plans
  • View on your mobile device 24/7


Step 2: Lesson Plan with Ease

  • Once your instructors are up and running teaching with progressions competently and safely, they are ready for Lesson Planning – putting the curriculum skills into an organized teaching plan for their classes.
  • The system comes with 160 sequential lesson plans pre-installed. They can be used immediately or edited to better fit your unique needs. And you can create your own lesson plans from scratch!
  • There is also a built-in lesson planning wizard, providing fast and simple guided lesson creation.
  • Even your newest and youngest instructors can create professional and organized lesson plans specific to the ages and levels of the students in class.


Step 3: Customize and Grow your Curriculum

  • YES! – you can add your own activities and skills, copy and edit pre-installed skill or create new lesson plans for Themed Classes, Summer Camps and Special Events. Plus, Smart Moves™ provides a PERSONAL CLOUD for uploading manuals, documents and files for your organization making them available to your staff anywhere and anytime.
  • Add new skill progressions quickly and easily.
  • You can even create Single Skill Focused lessons for things like Stroke Clinics.
  • Smart Moves™ allows you to customize to your unique program needs, editing lesson plans, activities, settings, levels, tags, classes and commonly used terms.
  • Premium Subscriptions also available allowing you to add your own logo, customize the colors and branding to highlight your brand to your customers plus many more features!

Step 4: Skill Tracking and Student Achievement Made Easy!

  • Track when skills have been introduced, achieved and awarded!
  • Easily upload your students and class data.
  • Check skills off by using lesson plans, or by class or student search


The Smart Moves Online Teaching System is a virtual online library of hundreds of skills, drills, progressions, games and songs organized into hundreds of professional lesson plans!

The Countries of our Customers:

Australia, Canada, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia, New Zealand, Panama, Puerto Rico, Singapore, U.S.A., U.K.



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