What is the Smart Moves Online Teaching System?


Visual Staff Training
Videos accelerate staff training and reduce the time for your new teachers to become great teachers. Professional staff development in an online format 24/7!

Track Student Progress
Online skill tracking and a wide variety of activities, skills and progressions that lead to faster student progress. Happy students = happy parents!

Lesson Consistency
Whether you have one location or multi-locations, your staff will have a consistent set of lesson formats so they can deliver lessons of value and success!

Curriculum Management
Your curriculum is organized and available online 24/7 in an exciting format with videos and professionally developed lesson plans.
Be ahead of the competition!

Learn how to introduce Smart Moves in three easy steps to see results from day one!


1. Take Control of Instructor Training

Access a library of ready-to-teach activities and lesson plans that are suitable for all ages. Progressive by nature, they will help your teachers build the learner’s skills step by step with consistent and high quality results.

  • Access a complete library of progression-based activities and lessons that are fun and easy to teach.
  • Add your own activities and lessons to build a comprehensive training resource.
  • Build teaching knowledge by using built-in video guides, images and instructions.
  • Reduce the time it takes for your new teachers to become great teachers.


2. Lesson Plan with Ease

Let your team create their own lessons, knowing they are in safe hands with the built in lesson creation wizard guiding them every step of the way.

  • Your whole team can create high quality lessons using built-in templates, activities and a lesson planning wizard.
  • Adapt the content to support your philosophy and curriculum.
  • Lessons are easily updated and instantly available to all your teachers.
  • Eliminate the need for a printed training manual that quickly gets out of date.


3. Customize to Meet Your Needs

Smart Moves gives you the best of both worlds; access to a database of quality pre-loaded content, with the ability to copy and modify it, and add your own to support your teaching philosophy.

  • Adapt the content and lesson flow to support your philosophy and curriculum.
  • Add additional teaching information to highlight key points to your teachers.
  • Build your very own customized lesson library with your classes and levels.
  • Add supporting files, videos and help guides to guide your teachers to teach the way you want them to.
  • (Optional add-on) Customize the look and feel to represent your brand and logo.


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